Orissa Yoga

Small Business Owner in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Orissa Yoga

Small Business Owner in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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I am a yoga instructor and a big fan of travel, and fitness. My name is Ori Sances You can visit my website with a click on the button above. .Never say never! Orissa Yoga Studios started after she felt she had hit rock bottom in her life. She wasn’t given a job as promised by an owner of a local yoga studio, and at the same time, she learned that her husband was suffering from carcinoma cancer. She had no idea what to do with her life - then she remembered the Yogi way of thinking - think positively. Everything happens for a reason, so don’t give up or give in. She fought like a strong, powerful and beautiful warrior to create Orissa Yoga Studios. It is a special place because it has the heart and soul of Ori.

Ori has been to many yoga studios and there is no other yoga studio in the Chiang Mai area that can offer you more than this place - it is fully equipped with mats, blocks ,and straps. Are you feeling sweaty after class? She has that covered too, as you are more than welcome to use one of the two shower cubicles. How about quenching your thirst? Ori offers free cold filtered drinking water. Need to feel connected or to check something on the internet, she has this covered too by offering free Wi-Fi.

Ori lets me know that apart from her studios she also has the best site in Hang Dong, a small town in the suburbs of Chiang Mai. Her 1st studio in Hangdong is near a traditional Thai market, where you can see local Thais hard at work, but always with friendly smiles. You can find just about everything you want there!

1) orissayoga @ Diya Valley located in Diya valley Clubhouse Hangdong

Ori likes to laugh - she is friendly with a good sense of humor, so come and share your laughter with her at Orissa Yoga Studios.

2) Orissa yoga CM

located in Huaykeaw palace 2 hotel 161 soi Chang Khian Muang Chiang Mai 50300

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